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Paper Chains for Springtime

Paper chains are very easy arts and crafts which children of any age can enjoy. Paper links are simple strips of paper cut with scissors or torn by hand then formed into inter-locking circles to form paper chains of any length. Paper chains can be wrapped around the Christmas tree as a garland or draped over curtains to decorate windows. Drape paper chains over office cubicle dividers to bring cheer to the winter holiday season.

Chain strips can be stapled, taped or glued to hold the shapes in place. Chains can be made to stretch across an entire room or wrapped around a pole or tree.

Some of these chain designs are old-style patterns different than the usual paper strips, but the concept of assembly should be equally simple and easy to understand.

You can make paper chains out of materials other than plain construction paper. Glossy magazine advertisements, gift wrap, construction paper all cut into strips create quite colorful varieties of chain links.

Scissorcraft paper chain designs are fun for holidays, weddings, party time, decorate an office cubicle, play a prank on a co worker. Reasons to make paper chains are as easy as the occasion.