Easy Halloween Games

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Tangram Puzzles
Tangram Puzzles
Historic Maze
Snow Crystal Dot to Dot Games
Historic Labyrinth
Make a Sipral Labyrinth
Little Witch Maze
Man In Maze
Rose But Maze
Rocket Ship Spiral Maze
Roman Maze
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Make a Short Pumpkin Funny Face

Easy Halloween Hilarity

Can't decide a Jack O' Lantern face? Practice putting faces on pumpkins. Three sizes and shapes. Short, tall and plump. Drag eyes, noses, mouths and eyebrows. Help the Ancient Aliens make a cropcircle to send a message into space. Decorate a fat, tall and short pumpkins or Jack O' Lantern. These halloween games are intended to entertain young children.

Visit paperpumpkins for more templates and color book Halloween images. Hundreds of carving templates for pumpkins, gourds, turnips and watermelons.

Simple Trick or Treat Seasonal Silliness

alien chess
Ancient Alien Chess

Make a Crop Circle
Easy Pumpkin Totem Pole
Pumpkin Totem Pole
Decorate the Fat Pumpkin
Plump Jack O'Lantern
pumpkin tallth
Tall Pumpkin
Make a Short Pumpkin Funny Face
Small Jack-o'-lantern